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ARE YOU A SMOKER? Do you smoke tobacco, cannabis, or any other herb? Does anyone in your family smoke? Smoking, burning, or combusting destroys the herb and releases carcinogens that build up in your lungs, causing lung cancer and eventual death.  Family Survival Solutions doesn't want you to be one of those!  Welcome to the world of vaporizing.  Don't burn your herbs, just cook them!

The HEALTH and SAFETY of vaporizing is upon us! VAPORIZING your herbs releases 96% LESS carcinogens than burning them! While still releasing the flavor, vaporizing releases far LESS harmful elements to your health. That means 96% LESS chance of getting cancer! It's a no brainer.

FAMILY SAFETY includes everyone, and vaporizing herbs rather than smoking them, not only protects the user, but also those within second-hand air distance, like family and friends. Although the addiction to nicotine or the medicinal effects of cannabis will remain, at least you will be doing as HEALTHY as possible, and without hurting your loved ones in the process!

Be less offensive to others and sensitive to their health and yours, taste your herbs like they were meant to be tasted, combustion is a thing of the past, live well, VAPORIZE!

Here will be links and education about Nicotine survival.

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