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Visual Impairment/Blindness Survival
Are you or a family member blind, or visually impaired?  This can be one of the most challenging things for a survivor to go through, expecially if you've grown up seeing the world!  Family Survival Solutions can't imagine what this is like, but has been in close contact with visual impairment survivors, and hopes to be able to connect with accomodations and education.

Here will be some links and education for survivors and their families.
Braille for the Sighted - Beginning Braille Lighted Magnifier 
Pebble Readers
 5x Magnifying Necklace Full Page Magnifier  Hands-free Full Page Magnification 

One of our good friends is visually impaired, and can only see details VERY close up!  S
he uses the Pebble Reader to magnify text and give her a better view to read printed words, as shown above.

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