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The Family Survival Solutions family has dealt with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) a lot!  A brain injury in the family inspired this website, as a combined resource for survivors of all kinds of issues to get the survival solutions your family needs.


Where is the Mango Princess? Chicken Soup for the Soul I'll Carry the Fork! Over my Head Combat Related TBI & PTSD Recovery Guide If I Only Had a Brain Injury
Coping with Concussion & Mild TBI Textbook of TBI The Mild TBI Workbook Struck by Genius Brain Injury Medicine My Stroke of Luck

Gifts & Other Swag
TBI Mouse Pad PUCK Traumatic Brain Injury! TBI Awareness!  
Memory Improvement Package Wrist Aid Circular Angled Mouse Pad DSS Language Assessment  
The Freedom Wand Fingerboard Orthotic Trainer Clarity Amplified Speakerphone  

Family Survival Soultions' boss is a contributing member of the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation, and has ties with the Acuired Brain Injury Program at multiple campuses in the San Diego Community College District Continuing Education program as well.
San Diego Brain Injury Foundation
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